North Bend Downtown Association

Working together to stimulate a more prosperous business community and achieve common goals for a better tomorrow.

Our Goals

• To promote commercial and cultural revitalization within North Bend

• To encourage and promote communication among the business community

• To encourage and stimulate redevelopment and physical improvement projects

• To sponsor education programs to improve the business community, and to provide a central resource for sharing information, knowledge, experience and solutions to common problems

• To promote the special interests of the business community

NBDA provides a link between the business community and the City of North Bend and works in cooperation with city officials to enhance the growth and development of the city's business districts.

NBDA works for its entire membership: property owners, retailers, service providers, financial institutions, professionals and general business owners.

NBDA is an organization with the special interests of downtown as a primary focus, realizing its effect on the entire community.

NBDA is improving the general business atmosphere by promoting the beautification of business districts, waterfront development, business recruitment and strong, unified voice for member businesses.

Founded in 1996, NBDA is an established organization that is continually evolving and growing.

Downtown Promo Videos
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